Breast Asymmetry Correction

Breast asymmetry is one of the most common types of breast aesthetic operations that patients complain about. It can be applied especially as primary or secondary. For example, a patient requesting a breast lift may also request a certain amount of asymmetry to be corrected. If the doctor approves this situation, a secondary breast asymmetry correction operation is also applied.

What is Breast Asymmetry? Breast Asymmetry Meaning 

The size, development and shape of the breasts can have a major impact on women’s self-confidence, self-perception, and feeling feminine and attractive. A small asymmetry between the two breasts is very common and can therefore be considered normal. Depending on the degree and severity of the asymmetry, it can significantly affect a woman’s self-confidence. Patients are sometimes ashamed of their breasts, cannot find a suitable bra or clothing, and even avoid certain social situations. For these reasons, a breast correction may be indicated.

Breast asymmetry, as the name suggests, can be defined as the situation where two breasts look different from each other. In general, this situation can be caused not only by size, but also by scars, stains or other reasons. In short, everything that causes asymmetry falls under the scope of breast asymmetry correction operation.

What is Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery? 

A minimal form of asymmetry between the breasts is normal and not disturbing in most cases.

However, with a significant asymmetry, a breast correction can offer a solution.

Based on a thorough history and clinical examination, the therapeutic options are discussed with you. Depending on the cause and degree of asymmetry, the techniques of breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift and possibly lipofilling will be combined to correct this asymmetry.

Reasons of Breast Asymmetry 

Breast asymmetry or other congenital developmental defects of the breast can occur in various forms. We distinguish between the undeveloped breast (breast aplasia), the underdeveloped breast (breast hypoplasia) and the tuberous or tubular breast. These different abnormalities can occur on both breasts or on 1 side.

Depending on the type of breast abnormality, a personalized treatment is proposed.

How to Correct Breast Asymmetry? 

The process need to be specialized in aesthetic breast surgery and therefore, have extensive experience in the treatment of various forms of breast asymmetry. Each case of breast asymmetry is different and requires a unique treatment, which is certainly not always easy. After a thorough clinical examination, analysis of the breast dimensions and photos, you need yo go over the various treatment options with your doctor.

You can compare the advantages and disadvantages of the different techniques and view photos of the expected result. Then, the doctor and you choose the treatment that guarantees the best result and makes you feel the happiest.

Can Fat Transfer be done to Correct Breast Asymmetry? 

Fat transfer can be used in breast asymmetry correction operation. However, this is not true for every patient. Fat transfer is also an operation that has requirements in itself, and if the asymmetry depends on the size, this can be applied if the patient has a suitable metabolism. Otherwise, performing this operation with fat transfer in cases of a scar, stain, burn, etc. may become dysfunctional.

Can Asymmetry in Breast Tissue be Corrected? 

Any asymmetry in the chest can be made ideal with chest asymmetry correction operation. It is important that you explain your expectation in this regard with clear lines and that your doctor confirms your suitability for the relevant operation. When everything goes well, you can have the breasts of your dreams that look great in a very short time.

What is Focal Asymmetry in the Breast? 

The most common type of asymmetry associated with breast asymmetry problems can be shown as “Focal asymmetry”. Focal asymmetry means that the two breasts are different sizes from each other. In other words, the operation applied to bring one breast to the same size as the other breast can be called focal asymmetry correction surgery.

Things to Consider Before and After Breast Asymmetry Correct Surgery 

Before and after breast asymmetry correction surgery, you should pay attention to the issues that your doctor deems appropriate for you. In order for the anesthesia not to be negatively affected and for the operation process to be completely efficient and of high quality, you must follow the instructions correctly. You should also listen to what your doctor says about complications or various pain / pain that may occur in the process after the surgery. Thus, the whole process will proceed as naturally and safely as possible.

Breast Asymmetry Correction in Turkey 

Breast asymmetry correction operation in Turkey has become quite successful and has high/efficient statistics in the last 10 years. When patients want to have an idealized breast, not just a form correction surgery, they can request breast asymmetry correction surgery as both primary and secondary options. Turkey and Estenuvo assurance continue to carry out this operation under the highest quality standards.

Breast Asymmetry Correction Cost 

Breast asymmetry correction operation has a wide scale in terms of pricing. Although there are different prices due to the lack of a fixed operation and the fact that it contains many different parameters, patients who want to achieve both an economical and maximum quality standard apply to Estenuvo assurance.