Ear Aesthetics (Otoplasty)

Ear aesthetics or otoplasty can be described as an operation to stretch the ears, which are described as “scoops” due to their protruding or large volume, and bring them closer to the head.

An ear correction can be performed from the age of 5 to 6 years. During the consultation, the position and shape of the ear are examined and the technique used and the rehabilitation are explained in detail.

What is Otoplasty? Otoplasty Definition

Protruding ears (floppy ears) is a congenital defect that can be corrected by means of an otoplasty or ear correction. Otoplasty surgery is also defined as a type of surgery that means the ears are corrected to a certain extent and have a more ideal appearance. There are two main causes of protruding ears. In many cases there is an overdevelopment of the inner part of the auricle, which causes the ear to move further away from the head. On the other hand, there may also be an underdevelopment of a fold at the height of the auricle, as a result of which mainly the outer part of the ear is protruded. Both causes can occur separately or together. 

When performing an ear correction, both causes must therefore be corrected. This is done through an incision at the back of the ear in which the auricle is brought closer to the head. The scar is therefore almost invisible. There is no specific age at which the procedure should be performed. In most cases, it is waited until the child has reached school age (from the age of 5), as protruding ears often give rise to bullying at school. This procedure is performed in children under general anesthesia. In adolescents and adults, this procedure can also be performed under local anesthesia.

Otoplasty Ear Surgery in Turkey 

Estenuvo and Turkey have the most specialist doctors and patient follow-up teams in the field of aesthetic surgery. While providing unlimited quality services, it is possible to have a cheaper process than many countries. At Estenuvo, the otoplasty process is defined as a type of operation in which our patients are generally happy and satisfied with the results. You can contact us for detailed information and to learn about our different service models.

Things to Consider Before and After Otoplasty 

As before and after any surgery, there are certain issues to be considered. Before the surgery, your doctor will give you some tips about what you should not do, especially in the last week. The drugs you take, the cigarettes you smoke, etc. are reviewed in this process. After that, your doctor will create a roadmap for you and you will pay attention to these issues so that your surgery will be ideal in every aspect.

Your doctor will inform you in detail about the recovery process after the surgery. In Estenuvo, communication and keeping a close eye on the health of the patients are of paramount importance, and the issues you need to pay attention to during the recovery period after the surgery are listed to you. At the beginning of these, there are situations such as protecting your ears from various external effects while sleeping or after 1 week in daily life.

Otoplasty Recovery Day by Day

After the procedure, a bandage is applied to the ears, which must remain in place for one week. Afterwards, the bandage is removed and a hairband must be worn for three weeks to protect the ears during sleep. 

It is normal to feel a local pain or ache in the ear area for the first few days. This does not seriously affect your social life, but resting for the first week is important for this healing process to progress more efficiently. At the end of 1 week, the bandage is removed, and then the process becomes faster. By communicating with your doctor every other day, you can have information about the condition of your ears and inform your doctor.

Otoplasty Cost 

Otoplasty surgery is a type of surgery that can vary depending on age and type of anesthesia and in some cases can be combined with different operations. For this reason, it is not very possible to make a direct pricing, but you can be sure that you can get the service you want with Estenuvo’s advantageous service pricing. Please contact for detailed information.