Face Aesthetics

With age, the appearance of your face changes, partly under the influence of your hereditary predisposition, the influence of the sun and the weather, gravity and stress. The resilience of the skin decreases and fine lines and folds initially appear around the eyes, nose and mouth. Then, under the influence of gravity, the skin also sags slightly, specifically along the jawline (‘hamster cheeks’) and the neck (called ‘turkey neck’ to an extreme extent). The volume in the face also decreases further.

We can be more or less dissatisfied with all these aspects and we would like to do something about it. Several options are available for this, starting with simple treatments to fill and/or soften the fine folds and wrinkles by injecting hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin to reduce the active folds to eyelid corrections, face and neck lift and even supplementing the volume loss with your own fat through a lipofilling procedure.

To be able to make the right choice, good education and information is an absolute prerequisite. Estenuvo is the best choice for these kind of face aesthetics procedures for you. 

What are Facial Aesthetics? 

Everything you want to fix about your face can actually be covered by facial aesthetics, but not every aesthetic may be suitable for you. In Estenuvo, nose, lip, eyelid, ear and related aesthetic types are made.

About Face Aesthetics 

Facial aesthetics can take many different forms. In these types of aesthetics, which are sometimes interconnected and sometimes separately, the patient’s demands and the doctor’s response to these demands are very important. If your doctor approves, you can have one or more of the following types of facial aesthetics.

Types of Face Aesthetics 

Although it seems to be listed under 5 headings, the types of facial aesthetics below also have different categories within themselves. So don’t be upset if anything you want about your face doesn’t match the titles below. At Estenuvo, there is a team that is constantly working to make you feel happy and healthy.

Nose Aesthetics 

If you are not satisfied with the shape or size of your nose, an aesthetic rhinoplasty can be performed. This is a big step for many people because the nose is always visible and therefore determines the balance in the face and your entire appearance. That is why it is important that you are well informed and receive honest advice about the possibilities. 

Lip Aesthetics 

If you are not satisfied with your lips and want to have a fuller appearance, you can have lip aesthetics. You can make the most optimal choice by sharing your dream lip shape with your doctor. 

Eyelid Aesthetics 

Eyelid surgeries are one of the most frequently used types of surgery, especially recently. Although rhinoplasty or lip aesthetics comes to mind when facial aesthetics is mentioned, eyelids are one of the elements that show the facial appearance proportionally and conditions such as droopy eyelids can be easily eliminated.

Ear Aesthetics 

If you or your child are not satisfied with your ears, you can have an operation that is both short and heals very quickly in order not to encounter different problems in social life. It is possible to have the ears of your dreams with otoplasty.

Face Lift 

Facelift is usually considered surgery for aesthetic issues, but it also takes place as a medical necessity in several cases. Facelift is common for those who prefer to restore their skin that loosens and slackens after a certain age. Facelift is also preferred in the patients who have sagging skin caused by severe weight loss after obesity surgery. You can also have a non-surgical facelift via facelift tape.

Face Aesthetics in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most preferred locations in Europe and perhaps the world for aesthetic surgery. Especially in the field of facial aesthetics, advanced health centers such as Estenuvo have increased the professionalism and success in the field and made every detail about facial aesthetics more modernized and of high quality. If you want to have one or more of the facial aesthetics, you can contact Estenuvo and see the most suitable opportunities for you.