Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia can be defined as one of the most demanded aesthetic surgery applications in the field of both local and international health tourism in Turkey. The fact that the parameters of health tourism, which has been made for more than one purpose in the last period, are very advantageous in terms of Turkish standards, continues to relieve health tourists both financially and in terms of plan.

What is Gynecomastia? Gynecomastia Definition 

Gynecomastia can be defined as the enlargement of the male breast due to physiological or pathological reasons and unwanted volume gain. There are more complicated definitions of this in the medical literature, but knowing this much as a patient candidate will be enough to explain the operational process.

Almost all gynecomastia seen in infancy resolve spontaneously. In adolescence, it occurs at the earliest 10-12 years, often at 13-14 years old, and 85-90% of them pass without treatment within 6-36 months. It rarely lasts until the age of 17. However, in some cases, it continues into adulthood. Although gynecomastia usually develops due to causes that do not require treatment and go away by itself, it should be evaluated by an endocrinologist to investigate the underlying diseases.

What is Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gynecomastia is a problem with an average frequency of 35% in the society. It occurs with the increase of ductal tissue, stroma or fat in male breast tissue. In other words, when the gynecomastia operation is mentioned, the surgical process of male candidates should come to mind. In order for this growth to be considered gynecomastia, the palpable or visible size of an adult male breast should cover an area of 10 cm. Otherwise, this situation is not considered as gynecomastia and alternative treatment methods should be considered. In some cases, the age factor comes to the fore. Your doctor may not even recommend any operation or treatment. Such conditions can generally improve with advancing age and entering the adolescence period.

In other words, as in every operation, the most important issue in gynecomastia operations is your doctor’s trigger and treatment plan.

How to Get Rid of Gynecomastia?

Contrary to many false claims, gynecomastia treatment can be defined as a fairly easy process. First of all, it is important to know why this process originates;

Androgens (male hormone) suppress the breast tissue, while estrogens (female hormone) enable it to grow. Decreased amount of androgens; increased estrogen production; In cases where the conversion of testosterone to estrogen is accelerated, enlargement of the breast tissue is observed. In infants, the amount of estrogen passed from the mother and produced in the placenta is increased. The amount of precursors involved in the production of estrogen has increased in adolescents, and the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in adipose tissue has accelerated. Changes in the production of binding proteins that ensure the transport of circulating hormones; Differences in the responses of target cells to hormones and the use of drugs with estrogen-like effects or reducing the androgen effect are effective in the development of gynecomastia.

How to Get Rid of Gynecomastia During Puberty?

The need for a gynecomastia operation can often decrease or completely disappear towards the end of adolescence. In order not to encounter such situations and to observe that the treatment can develop organically, it should be recommended that the patient’s adolescence ends and, in the worst case, come to the beginning of his 20s. How you can get rid of gynecomastia during adolescence is explained in detail by your doctor.

Gynecomastia Treatment

It is planned according to the underlying disease, the size of the breast tissue, its duration and degree of sensitivity. Especially during adolescence, breast enlargement can cause serious psychological problems. Because he is afraid of his appearance, he may stay away from physical education classes, other sports activities, even swimming in the sea or pool. Impairment of quality of life is also an indication for treatment. There may be different treatment options. Your doctor will decide on their suitability and guide you professionally. The treatment techniques generally followed in gynecomastia procedures are as follows;

  • Androgens
  • Estrogen Receptor Regulators
  • Aromatase Suppressants (rarely)
  • Surgery: It can be applied in severe cases and especially in adolescents whose quality of life is affected by psychological reasons. Since it is entered from the areola-skin border, it does not leave any visible traces. Treatment takes place within a day, even without the need for hospitalization.

It should be noted that most of the gynecomastia seen in childhood will shrink spontaneously without treatment.

Causes of Gynecomastia

Every ailment and every problem in the body has a specific cause and different triggering factors. The most common cause of gynecomastia in the community is idiopathic. In addition, obesity may be due to endocrine causes, neoplasms (adrenal, testicular, pituitary and bronchogenic), systemic diseases (kidney failure, cirrhosis, nutritional disorders), drug use and physiological reasons. In order to understand which of these reasons is the triggering factor in the patient, a doctor’s examination is required. The apparent cause or the triggering factor you guessed isn’t always the clearest. Therefore, if you think you are a candidate for gynecomastia, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may become impossible to do the right examination about yourself.

What are the Symptoms of Gynecomastia?

It has been explained before that you should talk to your doctor before making a final decision about whether you should have gynecomastia surgery. So what are the known symptoms of gynecomastia? When should you suspect this? If you have an adult male breast and your breast volume is above normal standards, you will need to make a small calculation. If the volume of your breast reaches 10 cm in diameter, it usually means that you should see a doctor.

Physiologically, gynecomastia is observed in 3 stages of life. The first of these is immediately after birth, where the role of maternal estrogens is evident. The second physiological period is adolescence, where imbalances in serum estrogen and androgen metabolism are at the forefront. Pubertal gynecomastia is bilateral in most of the cases. However, it can also be seen in one breast. There is usually some tenderness in the enlarged breast. It can be followed for a few months, a few years, sometimes throughout adulthood. The third physiological period is in men over 65 years of age. Here, too, a decrease in testosterone and an increase in the ratio of testosterone and estrogen cause gynecomastia.

Things to Consider Before and After Gynecomastia Surgery

There are some important issues that the patient candidate should know before and after the gynecomastia operation. At the heart of these is the patient’s understanding of whether he really needs surgery or not. The doctor’s control and the doctor’s approval are one of the determining factors in this regard. In addition, your doctor and Estenuvo’s quality patient follow-up team will inform you about all processes.

Does Severe Gynecomastia Go Away with Surgery?

Gynecomastia has different treatments. The doctor will create a treatment plan based on the patient’s condition, metabolism and other conditions. To understand how severe gynecomastia is, you need to wait for a doctor’s examination. After that, this process will become clearer. However, the vast majority of gynecomastia patients regain their health in a short time after the surgical operation.

Can Men Have Gynecomastia Surgery?

Men can have gynecomastia surgery. The most common complaints about this issue and those who suffer in general are men.

The enlargement of breast tissue in men other than tumoral causes is called gynecomastia. It is usually limited to the colored part of the nipple, but can reach the size of a tangerine or even a small orange. It has a rubber consistency and smooth surface, it can be sensitive by pressing. It is often bilateral and symmetrical. It should be differentiated from breast enlargement (false gynecomastia) of fatty tissue accumulating due to obesity.

It is most common in infancy, adolescence and old age. It is present at birth in 60-90% of babies and disappears spontaneously within 2-4 weeks. It can occur in 10-60% of men entering puberty.

How to do Gynecomastia Pinch Test?

It is a process that takes only a few minutes. It is applied before the diagnosis of gynecomastia is made. The patient’s breasts are compressed with the help of equipment. If there is an increase in the volume of the chest when it is compressed, it is considered highly likely to be gynecomastia.

Personal Care After Gynecomastia Surgery

Personal care and treatment is very important after the gynecomastia operation. Especially since the patient is the person who can measure his/her own condition most accurately, he/she can decide the timing of the painkillers etc. to be used. In addition, periodic mini-massages can help to make the process less painful.

Are Gynecomastia Surgery Scars Permanent?

Since a gynecomastia operation is performed in parallel with a problem that the patient has, it can generally be seen as a permanent solution. However, this situation should not be perceived as a “conclusive” judgment. In rare cases, the gynecomastia operation can be repeated. This may be due to different reasons. It is important to explain that certain possibilities are possible, although this is very rare.

How Long is the Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery Time?

After the gynecomastia operation, the patient is discharged within a few hours without even having to stay in the hospital. Your doctor will explain to you what you need to pay extra attention to. However, you will complete the healing process of the surgery in a much shorter time than expected.

Best Gynecomastia Center in Turkey

Estenuvo can be defined as one of the few gynecomastia centers of both Turkey and Europe. While health tourism continues to grow day by day both in terms of quality and quantity, Estenuvo, which has opened/plans to open branches in different European countries, is known as a health group that tries to continue its services in the global arena. Although Turkey is a country that directly dominates health tourism in many respects, Estenuvo strives to raise the bar and provide the highest quality service.

Gynecomastia Surgery Results

While your doctor tells you the results of the gynecomastia operation, you will have a clearer idea of what kind of process awaits you. The breasts that you are uncomfortable with go away and are replaced by breasts that will make you feel more confident in your social life.

Gynecomastia Surgery Costs

There may be different pricing options in the gynecomastia procedure. Although what is requested seems to be the same, the details of the surgery may differ depending on the trigger factors of the patients and other variables. When this is the case, it would not be correct to give a clear pricing summary. However, Turkey and Estenuvo are trying to offer the highest quality services in Europe with the most affordable pricing options for aesthetic surgery procedures. You can contact us to get detailed price information and to determine the most suitable package for you.