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Who Are We

Estenuvo, which offering hair, beard, mustache, eyebrow transplantation, plastic surgery, dental treatments and bariatric surgery services to patients from various countries of the world with Turkey, is Turkey’s best-known institution. As Estenuvo, we work with doctors and professors who are experts in their fields.

We, as Estenuvo, follow the latest technology, all techniques and all the innovations and determine the treatment methods that are suitable for you with our expert teams. We provide 7/24 information and assistant assistance for everything you are wondering about before and after the operation.

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No. Since Hair Transplant Operation is performed under local anesthesia, patients do not feel pain during operation.

Hair transplantation operations last approximately 6 to 8 hours depending on the area to be transplant.

Hair transplantation can be done as long as the donor area of ​​the person is sufficient. But in high grafts, transplantation is usually 3 sessions.

After 2 months of hair transplantation, your hair will start to grow. Between the 4th to 6th months, the extension of your hair is accelerated. Since it is reached to the 6th, approximately 50% of the appearance to be obtained as a result of hair transplantation is reached. You can see your hair transplantation results exactly between 12 and 18 months.

First of all, you should inform your physician who follows you regularly that you will be made a hair transplant operation. Once you have your doctor’s approval, you should stop using blood thinners like aspirin 3 days before the operation. You should also inform us about your current health condition and the medications you use before operating your hair transplants.

Women may also need hair transplantation for hair loss or hair loss due to various reasons or hair thinning.

Our hospital offers hair transplantation and hair treatment services for our female patients.

We collect grafts after hair transplantation in a special solution and protect by preserving the cooling process.

Our Services


We make all your transfers between the Airport-Hotel-Hospital with our VIP vehicles.


3 night 4 day stay at the 5 Star Hotel (Wi-Fi + Buffet Breakfast included).


24/7 interpreter and medical team support.


Hair analysis with tricoscope device before operation by the doctor.


We do P.R.P. ( Platelet Rich Plasma ) in hair transplant operation.


We use a special device that provides local anesthesia without needles in Hair Transplant operations.


We follow up our patients for 18 months after the operation.


We perform maximum graft hair transplantation without disturbing the donor area of our patients.


We draw your natural hairline using a special laser device.

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