Breast Reduction

A breast reduction can be a solution if you suffer from heavy or sagging breasts. The weight of your breasts can cause pain in your shoulders, back and neck. Bra straps go deep into your shoulders and your breasts are sometimes sensitive or even painful. In addition, heavy breasts can get in the way of sports and cause ‘blemishes’ of the skin under the breasts. A breast reduction can solve these problems. The information in this folder can help you to list the advantages and disadvantages of a breast reduction. The operation may give you a better appearance and more self-confidence, but it is not realistic to expect that the operation will solve any personal or sexual problems.

What is a Breast Reduction? 

Sometimes these traits are hereditary and it is familial. In some cases, your breasts may develop differently, with one breast being firm and well positioned and the other not. There may be differences in breast volumes and shape. Breasts that are large and heavy can also be lifted and reduced. However, the result will be less long-lasting compared to a smaller breast.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey 

Breast reduction surgery is a very common operation in Turkey. There are many different reasons why patients generally prefer Turkey. Economic conditions, seasonal and climatic conditions in Turkey, successful experiences of Turkish doctors and trust in Turkish aesthetic centers can be cited as some of these. Estenuvo, which provides direct service to patients in Turkey and many parts of the world, promises you the most customized and high quality breast reduction process.

How is a Breast Reduction Done? 

There are several variations possible in the design and incisions for a breast reduction in our clinic. The volume and breast shape, the size of the areola and the degree of sagging of the breast are factors that let the plastic surgeon determine which technique is best for you.

In some cases it is possible to prevent a horizontal scar under the breast and sometimes a vertical scar can also be prevented. With the standard technique for a breast reduction, an anchor scar is created. If you are a good candidate for a modified technique, the plastic surgeon will discuss this with you.

How Long Does Breast Reduction Surgery Take? 

Your breast reduction is performed in the operating room under general anesthesia. Beforehand, your breasts will be drawn with a marker to determine the construction plan and photos will be taken of the starting situation for your medical file. 

You will then be completely asleep during the operation. At the end of the procedure, plasters and gauze will be applied and tape may be placed on the breasts. You must wear a sports bra for 6 weeks. There is a very small chance that thin tubes (drains) will be fitted (usually these are not fitted). After anesthesia, you will go to the recovery or recovery room for monitoring. You can go home a few hours after the breast reduction.

If the operation is not resultant, that is, if the purpose of the operation is only breast reduction, it will take an average of a few hours. If there are no complications after the operation, you can go home and rest after 4-5 hours on average.

How Long Does it Take for Breast Reduction Scars to Heal? 

It takes a certain time for the scars formed after breast reduction surgery to pass. In particular, how the incisions of the applied technique are made and the medical details of the technique are one of the determining factors in this regard. Therefore, you can ask your doctor how long it will take for the scars to heal.

Breast Reduction Scars Timeline

Although the healing process after breast reduction surgery varies from person to person, the scars turn red after 3-4 weeks on average, and then turn completely white for 1-2 years and become indistinct.


Things to Consider Before and After Breast Reduction Surgery? 

The aim of the plastic surgeon and the entire staff of Estenuvo is to make this breast reduction as easy and comfortable as possible for you.

Depending on your age and any history of early breast cancer in your family, a mammogram may be considered prior to surgery and a follow-up X-ray a few months later. This is to record changes in the breast in the future. After a breast reduction you can still perform a self-examination. Breast reduction surgery does not increase the risk of breast cancer.

If you are a smoker, you will be asked to stop smoking well before the procedure. If possible, blood thinners (aspirin) should also be stopped a week before the operation, because they give an increased tendency to bleed. This will be discussed with you by the plastic surgeon during the consultation.

A breast reduction can only be performed under general anesthesia and then as a day case, so without an overnight stay. In any case, you should arrange for someone to take you home after the procedure.

What are the Breast Reduction Weight Requirements?

There is no specific weight limit. You can understand whether you are a suitable candidate for breast reduction surgery after the first meeting with your doctor. After a few small examinations, questions about your lifestyle, and general examinations, you can have a concrete idea of whether you are a suitable candidate.

Breast Reduction Recovery Week by Week 

The day after the operation you should take it easy and not lie in bed too much. The first days can be a bit uncomfortable. The wound may be sensitive and feel tight. There may be a little bit of bleeding in the patches or gauze. Stretching, bending and lifting should be limited as much as possible, avoid pressure on the breasts while sleeping. All of these activities can cause more swelling and even bleeding.

When drains have been used, they will be removed the next day. If necessary, clean plasters or gauze can also be applied. You must then wear a sports bra for six weeks. This until the swelling and discoloration of the breasts has disappeared. In general, the knots of the dissolvable sutures can be removed one week after surgery, but can also be left in place for three weeks.

Around two weeks after applying the standard horizontal and vertical scarring technique, a skin defect may develop just below the nipple and at the tripoint of the incisions. The epidermis is very often broken here, an open wound is created in which moisture is released. This is always somewhat yellow in color. Don’t be alarmed, as long as it’s not fiery red around it and isn’t very painful. Without a throbbing sensation, this will not be an infection. Treatment with vaseline and gauze is sufficient. When in doubt, you can always contact the plastic surgeon.

You may notice that the feeling around the nipples is less, usually this is only temporary. Recovery can take weeks to months. It may even take a year for the feeling to return to normal. Your breasts may also take longer to take on their natural shape. This again depends on the technique used and will be explained during the consultation. Scars will be red for the first few weeks to months. This can take one to two years before the scars have turned white, possibly scars can become wider. Your body does this, your way of wound healing determines the result of the scar, despite the fact that it is sutured subcutaneously. Keep this in mind.

Breast Reduction Recovery Tips 

After a breast reduction, it should be possible to return to work within a few days, but this depends on the work. After a few weeks it should definitely be possible again. For some time you may experience periods of discomfort and mild pain, but this is normal. Strong or severe pain after a breast reduction is not normal and should be passed on to the plastic surgeon of our clinic. It is better to avoid sexual activity during the first two weeks. After this, you still have to be very careful with your breasts for a few weeks, as they can be very sensitive.

Does the Effect Continue 2 Years After the Breast Reduction Surgery? 

A breast reduction will make your breasts smaller, firmer and lift. The position of your nipples and areola will be lifted and the size of the areola will be adjusted. The scars from the breast reduction will continue to heal over time. It is important to realize that scars will always be permanently visible. For some this will be a thin line, but for others it can be a noticeably wider scar. The result of this does not depend on the suturing technique, but more on the way your body heals. Fortunately, the scars fall under your clothes.

Although the scars are generally vague, they will take their final form in 1-2 years on average.

Can Breast Reduction and Lift be done Together? 

The breast reduction operation will straighten your breasts at a certain level. However, in addition to this, if you request a breast lift operation and your doctor deems it appropriate, a composite surgery can be performed. Since this issue has been customized, it will be the greatest process to meet with your doctor.

About Breast Reduction Before and After Baby 

In women, pregnancy has an unpredictable impact on the volume and shape of the breasts. Nevertheless, women can choose to undergo a breast reduction before the pregnancies and have the possible consequences of the pregnancy corrected later. Since the mammary ducts and nipples remain partially intact during a breast reduction, the possibility of breastfeeding will normally remain intact. However, this always remains to be seen. You can discuss any pregnancy wishes with the plastic surgeon.

Common Problems After Breast Reduction Surgery 

The subject of risks and complications is best discussed during the consultation with the plastic surgeon and you.

Some of the potential complications that will be discussed are bleeding, infection, and reactions to the anesthesia. After breast reduction, the breasts may not be perfectly symmetrical and the nipple height may be different. Minor post-treatments and adjustments can always be made later. Permanent loss of sensation in the nipple or areas of skin on the breast is rare. Revision surgical treatments can help in certain cases where the incisions have healed poorly. The remaining breast volume will determine your new size, which unfortunately cannot be predicted exactly.

You can help reduce these risks by following the advice and client instructions you receive before and after surgery.

Signs of Infection After Breast Reduction 

After breast reduction surgery, the scars will change color over time and have a more indistinct appearance. Depending on the technique applied during the surgery, the visibility of the scars also varies.

How Long After Breast Reduction Will I Know My Size? 

It will take a few months for you to fully understand your breast size after your breast reduction surgery. In this regard, your doctor will tell you in detail what you need to do in the first months. In this way, you can have a local idea about the healing and return to normal process.

Benefits of Breast Reduction 

Thanks to breast reduction surgery, your back, arm and shoulder pain can be greatly reduced. If the triggering factor is related to your large breasts, this situation can be almost completely resolved. In addition, your self-confidence in your social life can increase, and making your body the way you want can make you happier. You will get rid of a factor that bothers you in your daily life.

Can Men Have Breast Reduction Surgery? 

Not only women, also men can need a breast reduction. A breast reduction in our clinic can be performed at any age, but a plastic surgeon will advise you to wait until growth development has stopped. This will be around the age of 21. Since the procedures performed after this age are more independent from puberty and other developmental factors, it is possible to make a clearer decision.

Breast Reduction Procedure 

Your plastic surgeon will examine your breasts, possibly take measurements and take pictures for your medical file. The shape, volume and quality of the skin will be assessed, as well as the placement position of the nipples and areola.

It is best to come to the consultation prepared and discuss your medical history. You must list all medical problems you have, allergies to medicines, medical treatments you have undergone and previous operations. It is important for you to provide this complete information. If you intend to lose a significant amount of weight, you should also report this to the plastic surgeon. As a result of losing weight, the breasts usually sag again and become saggy again. Your plastic surgeon may then recommend that you first achieve a stable target weight before having the operation performed.

The standard breast reduction technique involves three incisions. One incision will be made around the areola. The other runs vertically from the lower edge of the areola to the breast crease. The third incision runs horizontally under the breast in the natural breast fold.

After the skin and glandular tissue have been partially removed in the marked area, the nipple with areola will be shifted to the higher position. Usually the areola is enlarged due to sagging and will also be reduced. The skin, which used to be above the nipple, is brought down and brought together under the nipple, creating a shape change of the breast. The nipple and areola remain connected to the surrounding tissue, which usually spares feeling in the nipple and the possibility of breastfeeding.

How Much is a Breast Reduction Surgery Cost?

Pricing may also vary when breast reduction surgery differs technically. While there is generally a certain pricing principle, you can consider the choices within the package as there are some other services available in addition to the surgery. In addition, do not forget that the most affordable price scale can be provided by Turkey and Estenuvo health group, and you can benefit from the most advantageous opportunities within this scope.

Breast Reduction Results 

The plastic surgeon strives to achieve the desired breast size, but cannot guarantee that the operation will lead to that size. After the operation, the breasts are smaller and firmer, but a breast reduction also means:

– that you have permanent scars.

– that the symmetry of the breasts, the shape and/or sensitivity of the nipples is sometimes less than you would like.

– that breastfeeding is sometimes no longer possible after an operation in which the glandular tissue under the nipple has also been removed.

– that no correction is made of the excess tissue that extends from the armpit to the back in some women. Examination for nodules or other abnormalities remains feasible after a breast reduction. The removed tissue is always sent to the pathologist for examination to detect any abnormalities. If this results in specifics, you will hear this from the plastic surgeon.


The result will generally please you. As with all operations performed in Estenuvo, your doctor, who will follow you closely, will prepare a customized plan for all processes. You can have information about the latest condition of your breasts by not neglecting your periodic controls. Thus, you will have a healthy and safe operation process.