Face Lift

With a facelift, excess skin is removed from the cheeks and/or around the jawline and tightened. A face lift is a procedure that is often combined with other facial procedures, such as a neck lift or an eyelid correction. The excess skin can generally arise in 2 ways: significant weight loss and aging.

With a significant weight loss, subcutaneous fat tissue disappears, the filling disappears from the neck and/or face and the skin becomes slack. With a bit of luck, the skin will shrink again, but if this is not the case, there will be a surplus of skin.

With age, the skin loses its elasticity, stretches and sags. Even then there is a skin surplus.

In front of the ear and under the corners of the mouth there are places where the skin is more fixed to the lower layer, in these places the skin sinks down less. Excess skin will sink down between these more fixed spots, creating the so-called ‘hamster cheeks’.

A facelift is pre-eminently an operation where you should discuss your wishes with your treating plastic surgeon in order to get an individual plan.

What is a Face Lift?

A facelift is an aesthetic surgical procedure in which the skin of the face is lifted and the excess skin in front of the ear is removed.

There are several ways to do this: via a mini lift, an MCAS lift, a neck lift or a full face lift.

Face Lift in Turkey

Face Lift in Turkey is an aesthetic operation that is frequently preferred and contributes significantly to health tourism. Patients from all over the world request many different aesthetic operations, especially facelift, with the successful and stable service quality of Estenuvo and Turkey. If you want to come to Turkey and have a face-lift operation, Estenuvo will be the right address for you.

Things to Consider Before and After Face Lift 

Your doctor will tell you the basic issues that you need to pay attention to before the surgery, in preparation for the surgery. You should follow the instructions given by the doctor without skipping. Do not use alcohol in the first week after treatment because of the risk of bleeding.

Smoking has an adverse effect on the blood flow of the tissues and that is precisely what is important for a good recovery. We therefore recommend that you stop smoking weeks before and after the treatment. It is also better not to smoke after the treatment. This accelerates the aging process and increases the risk of complications.

We recommend sleeping in a semi-sitting position. If there is a combination with a forehead lift with/and/or an eyelid correction, this area may be cooled against edema. In any case, do not sleep on your side or stomach for one week.

If you do not have drains, you can take a short shower again 3 days after the operation if you need it. Be careful when rubbing dry around the scars and avoid getting the plasters wet. If you do have drainages, you will have to wait a while before showering anyway. However, you should not take a bath for the first 6 weeks, until the scars have completely healed.

You are supposed to wash your hair with a mild shampoo, such as baby shampoo, 3 days before your first check-up. This prevents crusting and makes it easier to remove the sutures.

Types of Face Lift

The facelift, which is popular nowadays, can yield a good result in relatively young people (45-55 years) who have limited signs of aging and who still have relatively elastic skin. It can be also performed this procedure under local anesthesia. Older people usually need a more extensive facelift for a good result.

Facelifts mainly focus on lifting sagging subcutaneous tissues and removing excess skin. They are often combined with adding extra volume  with lipofilling and eyelid corrections etc.

The following techniques can be described as the most known and used subheadings of the face lift operation. 

  • Thread Face Lift
  • Mini Face Lift
  • Non Surgical Face Lift
  • Botox Face Lift
  • Filler Face Lift

Face Lift Recovery Time

After six weeks you will usually have recovered well from the operation. It is difficult to say when the face will look completely normal again. This differs from person to person and depends on the amount of exudate or bruising under the skin. On average, a period of 6 weeks is calculated. In some cases, the face will return to normal much sooner, and in others it may take a little longer. Small hardening can also occur, which the plastic surgeon will advise you to massage. Depending on the situation before the operation, the face will look smoother, tighter and younger.

Most people can fully resume their normal life after 6 weeks. You can take a bath, the sauna and sleep as you wish.

How Much is a Face Lift? Face Lift Cost

When it comes to Face Lift cost, most of the pricing that comes to mind is purely estimation. The main reason for this is that there are several different subheadings of face lift surgery. Therefore, it is not possible to make a fixed pricing, but Turkey has the most favorable pricing conditions for face-lift, as in all aesthetic operations. You can contact Estenuvo for more information and reservations.