Lip Aesthetics (Lip Surgery)

You can have your upper lips lifted by means of a surgical correction. A strip of skin is then removed between the upper lip and nose, just below the nose. This lifts the upper lip slightly. It is an option if you do not want to use lip fillers and / or need a permanent result.

A surgical lip lift is only suitable for people who have sufficient space between their upper lip and nose, because this space will be reduced by means of the lip lift.

What is Lip Aesthetics?

Lip aesthetics can take many different forms, but in general, it is a type of surgery applied to make the lips fuller and more prominent. You may not be satisfied with the thickness of your lips, the distance between your nose and upper lip, and the general volume of your lips. In such cases, Estenuvo promises you a customized lip aesthetic process. During a consultation, the surgeon can determine whether you are eligible for a surgical lip lift, also known as a “butterfly lift”. There must be sufficient distance between the nose and the upper lip, because this space will be reduced by means of the lip lift.

When your upper lip is so narrow that it can barely be seen, there are several ways to improve this problem.

It is possible to fill the lips with temporary fillers containing hyaluronic acid.

Another option is lifting the upper lip, by shortening the distance between the nose and upper lip. As a result, the upper lip is slightly lifted, making more of your own lip visible. This is a suitable way for people who want a long-lasting result. You do not have to undergo a filler treatment again and again.

You do have to take into account that a scar will form, just under the nose. This scar will fade after a few months and will be barely visible.

A butterfly lift is generally performed under local anesthesia. That means you don’t have to be sober and can eat and drink beforehand as you are used to. An operation under local anesthesia is performed on an outpatient basis at our location in Enschede. The operation takes about half an hour. We ask you to be there fifteen minutes in advance.

The operation is performed by the surgeon and surgical assistant. There is a relaxed atmosphere during the operation.

Just before the operation, the surgeon will discuss with you again what you can expect from the operation. He then marks out the part of the skin between the nose and lips that will be removed. Often this is 0.5 – 1 cm. The operation involves making an incision just below the nose and removing a strip of skin between the nose and upper lip. The wound is then sutured. The sutures remain in place for about 7 days before they are removed.

After the operation you will stay with us in the clinic for about half an hour, so that you can recover from the operation. Eating and drinking will not be easy for the first hour, because of the anesthesia that is still present in the upper lip.

When you feel good, you can go home. By the way, you can’t go home alone. This has to do with the fact that you may be less alert in traffic. We therefore recommend that you bring someone who can drive or accompany you home.

Lip Aesthetic in Turkey 

Lip aesthetics is one of the most preferred facial aesthetics in Turkey. It is an aesthetic operation that is especially requested by patients who come with a request for rhinoplasty, otoplasty or a similar operation, in addition to these operations, and gives extremely successful results. Estenuvo, on the other hand, is one of the only health centers that prioritizes the satisfaction/health of patients both in the pre-operative period, during the operation and after the operation in lip aesthetic operations, as in all aesthetic surgery operations.

Who Can Have Lip Surgery? 

Anyone who wants to have lip aesthetics and whose health does not prevent it can have lip aesthetics. Especially in patients who do not like their lips from different angles and know what kind of lip they want to have, this process proceeds much easier and faster.

Lip Surgery Types 

Lip aesthetic operations can be applied for different purposes. There are lip augmentation, lip reduction and a few other techniques related to them.

Lip Lift Surgery 

A lip lift surgery is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of the philtrum, the opening between the nose and the top of the lip. The technique enhances the amount of pink tissue showing, giving the lips a deeper, more prominent appearance. When the lips are open, it also exposes more of the upper teeth.

It is an excellent alternative for people who want to increase the height of their lips rather than their thickness.

Lip Reduction Surgery 

Lip density may decrease when the amount of fatty tissue on the lip decreases with age, or some people’s congenital lip shape may be thin. Depending on the type of lip disease or the person’s age, there are many treatments for thickening. This operation is also defined as lip thinning or lip reduction surgery.

Things to Consider Before and After Lip Surgery 

As in every aesthetic operation, there are some pre- and post-operative processes that you should pay attention to in lip aesthetics. Before surgery, Estenuvo successfully prepares you. So, what kind of process awaits you after the surgery, have you wondered?

After a lip lift or other lip aesthetics, the skin will be red and swollen. Small plasters are applied over the sutures, which you leave in place for a few days. The patches may get wet and remain in place for 2-7 days.

When the plasters come off, you take care of the wound/scar with the Vaseline ointment that you will receive from us.

You don’t have to do this more than two or three times a day, because the vaseline is a greasy cream that does not or hardly absorb. As a result, it keeps the skin supple, which gives a pleasant feeling and will allow the scars to heal nicely and quickly.

Two days before you come back to the clinic for the removal of the stitches and the first check-up, you stop applying Vaseline.

Cooling at home is not necessary. However, it is wise to take it easy at home on the day of the operation. By rest we mean: on the couch or in your bed. It is important for your own comfort and a smooth recovery that you do as little work as possible after the operation. Preferably no light household chores either. This advice only applies for one day. You can do everything again the next day. Including strenuous work and sports activities. This does not stand in the way of a speedy recovery.

Showering and washing your face and hair is possible again from the day after the operation. The wound and/or the plasters may then get wet. It is better to postpone taking a bath for a week. It is also best to wait at least a week after the lip lift before swimming and sauna.

After the stitches have been removed, you can quickly use make-up (foundation/ concealer/ camouflage) to camouflage the redness of the scar.

When planning the procedure, keep in mind that you probably won’t look as “presentable” for a week. After that, discoloration and swelling will quickly disappear. In that respect, the recovery time is very short: in general, after two weeks you will hardly see anything of the operation. After six weeks you can properly assess the end result.

Lip Lift Surgery Cost

Pricing may vary as lip augmentation operations can be applied under different situations. You can contact Estenuvo to learn about possible pricing for you and to have comprehensive information about the relevant surgery.