Breast Lifting

In young women, the nipple is high on the breast tissue and the breast has a firm conical shape. Natural aging, reduced skin elasticity, weight loss (or gain) and pregnancy are the most common causes of a sagging breast. These factors cause the nipple to gradually move lower on the breast and the breast to change shape. A breast lift or breast lifting is recommended to restore firmness to the breast and to bring the nipple back into the correct position. In this technique, the existing breast tissue is remodeled into the desired shape and size. This is sometimes accompanied by the removal of excess breast tissue (breast reduction) or the addition of lost volume (breast augmentation). 

In this last technique, a silicone prosthesis is placed and the excess skin is removed. Since the nipple will be moved upwards during a breast lift, there is always a scar around the areola. Depending on the technique, there will also be a vertical scar on the breast and horizontal at the level of the breast fold. In consultation with your surgeon, it will be determined which technique is suitable for you and which scars you can expect.

What is a Breast Lift Surgery?

When the breasts become much smaller after pregnancy or due to weight loss, the skin may not be elastic enough to adapt to the reduced volume. The breasts are then too loose and droop. Age also influences the model of the breasts, after all, after the thirtieth year of life, the skin begins to slacken. This is a natural process. By surgically removing the excess skin and at the same time reshaping the mammary gland, a firmer breast is created again. If necessary, this procedure can be combined with a breast augmentation, in which internal prostheses are placed in the breasts.

Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey

Breast lift surgery in Turkey is a widely preferred procedure and can be applied by many different full-fledged health centers. Estenuvo can be described as one of the top health groups in this field and a typical breast lift operation includes the following steps:

Just before the operation, the plastic surgeon makes a drawing on your body (the operation plan). This drawing shows how the operation will proceed. This is necessary in order to obtain the best possible result of the procedure.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes about an hour and a half. During the operation, the nipple is moved upwards and part of the skin under the breast is removed. The breast tissue itself (the glandular disc) is remodeled and also moved upwards. If the breast is also enlarged, the plastic surgeon inserts a prosthesis under the mammary gland or under the pectoral muscle. When the breast needs to be reduced in size, a (small) part of the mammary gland is removed. Excess wound fluid is, in a number of cases, drained on both sides via a tube (drain) that ends in a plastic bottle.

Types of Breast Lifting

During a breast lift, the cup size does not change (except when prostheses are also inserted), because only skin is removed. An existing difference in size between the left and right breast can possibly be corrected immediately: in addition to skin, a piece of breast tissue is also removed from the largest side of the breast. A breast lift does not correct the excess tissue that in some women extends from the armpit to the back. Bunun yanı sıra, breast lift operasyonunun da kendi içerisinde özelleşmiş bazı farklılıkları bulunmaktadır. These are named according to the area where the operation is performed, the technique applied and the results as follows:

  • Anchor Breast Lift
  • Crescent Breast Lift
  • Vertical Breast Lift
  • Peri-Areolar Breast Lift
  • Lollipop Breast Lift

Non Surgical Breast Lifting

Electrostimulation technique corrects the sagging skin on and around your breasts, resulting in firmer and lifted breasts. Electrostimulation offers a solution without surgery.

Is a Breast Lift Done Without an Implant?

Due to the reduction in the elasticity of the skin (as a result of ageing, weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding), breasts start to sag and lose their beautiful shape and firmness. A breast lift operation (mastopexy) serves to reverse these changes, with or without the addition of implants to give extra volume and projection. So yes, it is possible to done breast lift operation without an implant. 

Things to Consider Before and After Breast Lift 

There are a number of basic things you should know about the process before and after breast lift surgery. You can find answers to all your questions by asking your doctor about these issues and related details during the examination.

Will Breast Lift Scars Remain After the Operation? 

As with any surgery, a breast lift causes permanent scars. How big these are and where they are located, strongly depends on the amount of excess skin and the shape of the breasts. Your plastic surgeon will discuss this with you. In general, there are three possibilities:

– There is only a small excess of skin. The least disturbing place for the scar is then along the edge of the areola, in a circular shape. The skin is loosened over a certain distance to improve the model of the breast, but this is not visible on the outside. The skin around the areola is removed and, as it were, wrinkled again. In the first weeks after the operation, this wrinkling is usually visible, but it disappears over time.

– When there is more skin surplus, more skin has to be removed, resulting in more scars. A scar then runs vertically from under the nipple down to the crease under the breast.

– However, if there is a significant excess of skin, then skin on the underside of the breast must also be removed. The scar then becomes anchor-shaped: running around the areola, vertically below the center of the areola, and horizontally in the crease under the breast.

You can never predict whether scars will become beautiful or ugly. Some individuals are predisposed to excessive scarring. In any case, you should expect scars to be red, thick and stiff for up to a year after the operation and only then gradually become softer, smoother and paler.

Do Breast Lift Scars Completely Disappear After One Year? 

The scars will definitely not disappear completely, but between 1-2 years after the surgery, their color will become lighter and more difficult to see.

Breast Lift Recovery Time Week by Week – Recovery Stages 

Breast lift surgery is an operation that heals quickly in most respects and gives quick results if not combined with other surgeries. You can contact Estenuvo to find out how the healing process will progress from week to week.

Breast Lift Recovery Time  

You wake up with a bandage around the breasts. After surgery, the breasts are swollen and may be tender or painful. Painkillers may be needed for the first few days, after which the pain quickly decreases. A stinging sensation may also occur.

Minimal differences between one breast and another in pain and size is normal.

At Estenuvo, you will receive an explanation about the treatment of the scars after surgery. The following applies to the treatment of scars: protect against the sun for half a year to a year.

Once the stitches have been removed and the wound is closed properly, we recommend that you massage the scars with a moisturizing (scar) cream.

How Long Does a Breast Lift Last? 

The feeling in the nipple is often temporarily less. In general, the skin around fresh surgical wounds is less sensitive because small skin nerve branches are cut during surgery. Sensation gradually returns, but if the mammary gland was very prolapsed and the nipple had to be moved over a greater distance, sensation may be permanently reduced or, in very rare cases, completely absent. This is not always predictable.

The result of a breast lift is not permanent. A new pregnancy, further weight loss or sharp fluctuations in body weight, as well as the passage of time, affect the shape of the breasts.

How Does a Breast Lift Work? 

Breast lift operation is generally applied to people who think that their breasts are saggy, asymmetrical or do not have a beautiful appearance for different reasons. Sometimes it can be applied with the fat transfer method and sometimes with other techniques.

Things to Consider Before and After Breast Lift 

At the pre-operative screening, you will complete a questionnaire about your medical history. You will then have an interview with a nurse or anaesthesiologist. This is about your health, medications you are taking, allergies, past illnesses and previous surgeries. You will also be given an explanation about the form of anesthesia.

In addition, it is useful to pay attention to the following issues before surgery:

– You will then receive instructions from your doctor about stopping or continuing your blood thinners.

– Smoking is not allowed from six weeks before the operation to six weeks after the operation. Nicotine increases the risk of wound healing problems.

– You may only take paracetamol before the operation. Other pain relievers, such as Aspirin or Naprosyne, as well as over-the-counter pain relievers, can increase the risk of bleeding.

– Make sure you have a suitable sports bra in your new cup size, preferably with a front closure. You will take this with you to the hospital on the day of the operation.

– Do not use body lotion on the day of surgery.

Breast Lift vs Breast Reduction

A breast lift is a procedure that corrects sagging breasts. With a breast reduction, excess fat and/or glandular tissue is removed.

Weight loss, loss of elasticity with age, pregnancy or breastfeeding can cause the breasts to sag. This creates a deep breast fold and the nipple is often lower than the breast fold.

A breast lift will improve the shape and firmness of the breasts. If the breast is not only sagging, but also underfilled, it is possible to combine a breast lift with the insertion of a breast prosthesis.

This also applies if the nipples are not too low. The more the breast sags, the larger the breast prosthesis should be. With moderate sagging, an enlargement of one or two cups will therefore be carried out in order to create tighter breasts again. The advantage here is that the scars remain very limited, the feeling in the nipple is preserved and breastfeeding usually remains possible.

Women with large, heavy breasts often experience back problems. This is certainly a reason to consider a breast reduction. In consultation with the patient, the plastic surgeon will measure a cup size that is in proportion to the body. By performing a breast reduction, one often also obtains a lifting effect of the breasts, so that the woman will not only have beautiful and smaller breasts, but will also experience remarkably firmer breasts.

Breast Lift Results 

It may take several months before you see the full results of your breast lift surgery. This process may take longer, especially if you have had surgery combined with several different additional operations. You should be in constant communication with your doctor to understand whether your breast lift surgery is what you want and how the recovery process is in general.

How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost?

Breast lift aesthetics is an operation performed with different techniques depending on the situation and therefore subject to different pricing. In some cases, operations are performed by combining them with additional techniques. In some cases, the technique and application criteria of the operation may vary according to the patient’s request. Therefore, it is not possible to give an exact pricing. However, it is enough to know that the most affordable pricing and the best quality service are provided to you with Estenuvo. You can contact us for more information and reservation.