Breast Augmentation

Some women naturally have small or uneven breasts. In others, the size decreases, for example after pregnancy or weight loss. With a breast augmentation you give your breasts more volume. It also allows you to improve the shape and proportion.

If desired, you can opt for a breast enlargement and a breast lift. At Estenuvo, a breast lift is performed first, followed later by a breast augmentation. Two surgeries are required to reduce the risk of complications and achieve optimal results.

By first surgically lifting the sagging skin and allowing the breast to heal, a firmer breast is created. The breast can be lifted to the maximum during the first treatment, because no space needs to be made available for the implant. There is also less tension on the skin, which benefits the healing process and the scar. The skin is not subjected to additional stress by simultaneously tensing the skin and stretching the breast for the implant. This ensures a firmer breast with a maximum desired volume for an optimal result.

What is Breast Augmentation? Breast Augmentation Definition & Meaning 

A breast volume that is too small can give a woman a feeling of discomfort, insecurity, or unfemininity. Everyday things, such as choosing which clothes to wear, can become a challenge. The breasts as an organ are one of the most important external features in a woman. Women can be insecure about the shape and size of their breasts. Breast corrections, such as breast augmentations, are the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the world. By means of a relatively small intervention, we can often restore self-confidence. A breast augmentation can remove this dissatisfaction, but any deeper personal or sexual problems that may exist cannot be solved with a breast augmentation.

The basic insurance only entitles you to a breast augmentation if you have a medical indication for this. You get this, for example, after an amputation as a result of breast cancer or if there is a lack of breast formation or breast tissue. Psychological or social suffering does not fall under a medical indication.

Best Breast Augmentation Surgeons in Turkey 

Breast augmentation surgeries are becoming more common day by day in Turkey. Turkey’s international success in plastic surgery operations has made breast aesthetics more preferred both in terms of quality and statistics. Turkey’s best and most experienced plastic surgeons, the most professional working and patient management staff are waiting for you in Estenuvo.

What is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation? 

Fat transfer breast augmentation is also possible in breast augmentation surgery. Although different techniques are emerging day by day, in general, certain common techniques are used.

The main purpose of breast augmentation operations performed with fat transfer is to increase the breast volume while making it more minimal compared to these implant techniques. It is used in breast asymmetry correction and breast augmentation. Due to the effect of liposuction, different methods can be preferred instead of expecting big differences with fat transfer.

In breast augmentation operations with liposuction, the areas where fat can be removed are determined first and then the final process begins.

Things to Consider Before and After Breast Augmentation Surgery 

As you know, every surgery has its own preparation and recovery process. Although doctors in general inform you about all similar processes, it is very important to ask all the questions that come to your mind and to transfer all the specialized information about yourself to your doctor for these processes to become healthier. So, breast augmentation before and after processes are hugely important as you can understand. 

For example, if you use blood-thinning medicines, for example marcourmar or other coumarin preparations, you must report this during the first meeting with the plastic surgeon. The use of these drugs should be discontinued several days before breast augmentation. You will receive instructions about this from the attending physician. Nicotine increases the risk of wound healing problems after breast augmentation.

A breast augmentation is often performed as an outpatient procedure. Sometimes an admission is advised for breast augmentation. The plastic surgeon will discuss this with you in advance. Before the day of the breast augmentation, you must have shaved your armpits yourself. Before the plastic surgeon performs the breast augmentation, he draws the operation pattern on the breasts. The breast augmentation is done under general anesthesia.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Week by Week

The week-to-week recovery process is very critical in breast augmentation surgery. To find out what kind of process awaits you, you can contact your doctor and ask questions in your mind.

Breast Augmentation Recovery 

After six weeks you will usually have recovered well from the operation. The swelling has subsided considerably and the scars are healing nicely. Most people can fully resume their normal life after 6 weeks.

After about 3 months you will come for a final check-up at the Estenuvo. The stated recovery times are averages and can vary greatly from person to person. The new breast will only look natural and feel supple after a few months. However, the final shape of the new breast strongly depends on the amount and shape of your own breast tissue. As far as the scars are concerned, it may take longer before they are less visible. The scars start to turn from red to purple somewhere between 6 and 12 months, eventually turning pale and almost invisible. Protect the scars from UV radiation.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips 

The prostheses consist of a silicone rubber pouch, the envelope, filled with cohesive silicone gel or hydrogel (water-filled).

As with any other surgery, the benefits of breast augmentation should be carefully weighed against the drawbacks and risks. These will be discussed with you in detail. The lifespan of breast prostheses used for breast augmentation can be limited. It is advisable to make another check-up appointment with a plastic surgeon at least ten years after the breast augmentation. Your doctor will inform you about these questions:

  • How to sleep after breast augmentation?
  • When can i sleep on my side after breast augmentation?
  • How long after breast augmentation can I drive?
  • How long does it take breast augmentation scars to heal?
  • How to relax chest muscles after breast augmentation?
  • How to relieve nerve pain after breast augmentation?

So, you will know every single detail about the process and recovery steps. 

Types of Breast Augmentation  

There are different techniques to perform breast augmentation. The most commonly used technique is inframammary breast augmentation. In this technique, the plastic surgeon makes an incision at the bottom of the breast to place the prosthesis. This allows the plastic surgeon to position the prosthesis very precisely. The procedure takes place under general anesthesia and takes approximately 1 hour.

With a breast augmentation with your own fat, the plastic surgeon removes fat from, for example, the abdomen, legs or hips by means of liposuction. The body fat is then injected (lipofilling) into the breasts.

The following options can be shown as the most commonly used implants in breast augmentation operations. You can contact us to get information about these:

  • Saline Breast Implants
  • Structured Saline Breast Implants
  • Silicone Breast Implants
  • Form-Stable Breast Implants
  • Round Breast Implants
  • Smooth Breast Implants
  • Textured Breast Implants

Round vs Teardrop Breast Augmentation

The choice of teardrop silicone or round silicone, which confuses users who want breast implants, becomes clear as a result of personal preferences and discussions with the surgeon. In general, both implants can be selected. However, certain points should be considered in order to understand whether it is suitable for your breast structure or body. Your body type plays a critical role when choosing. When choosing between the two implants, you need to clarify how you want your breasts to look. Then you have to decide what size you want. After the size and style are determined, you can make your choice between teardrop and round silicone by making the necessary examinations and talking to your surgeon.

Breast Augmentation Sizes 

Every breast augmentation surgery has a specific target shape. This is determined based on the patient’s request and the doctor’s judgment. There are a number of conditions to consider in order to choose the breast size that best suits you. Together with your doctor, you can choose the most ideal size for breasts that are healthy, look good and do not carry any risk of complications. In Estenuvo, you will be shown a series of examples and examples of previous breast augmentation surgeries, and your job will be much easier to set a precedent.

Things to Avoid After Breast Augmentation

After a breast augmentation, the breasts sometimes feel painful and tense. This will subside within a few days. The pain is often experienced as muscle pain. If drains have been applied, they are usually removed the same day, after one to three days at the latest. It is wise to arrange help for the first week after returning home. It is recommended to wear a bra day and night for the first three or six weeks (depending on the prostheses used) after the breast augmentation. In addition, an elastic band above the chest is sometimes advised if the prosthesis is located behind the pectoral muscle. For the first three to six weeks after breast augmentation, you should not exercise, do heavy lifting, or raise your arms high above your head. Gently massaging the scar with a cream or lotion will make the scar more supple. For a faster recovery and better wound healing after breast augmentation, we prescribe a scar cream.

Breast Augmentation vs Implants 

We know that different techniques can be used in the breast augmentation process. So what is the difference between a technique used in breast augmentation and an implant? This situation does not actually make a fundamental difference because it is targeted for the same purpose. While small-scale augmentation operations are performed with techniques such as fat transfer, implants are required for serious changes. You can get more detailed information from your doctor.

Things to Avoid After Breast Augmentation 

There are a number of instructions that you should pay attention to after breast augmentation surgery. Your doctor will explain these instructions to you both superficially before the process and comprehensively after the surgery. For a healthy recovery process, you should listen to your doctor’s instructions.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

Breast augmentation cost is one of the most asked issues about the process. Breast augmentation surgeries are generally quite cheap compared to other countries and regions in Turkish standards. The main reason for this is that the services provided in Turkey are relatively cheaper due to the exchange rate difference and local economic conditions. Estenuvo health group can price all the services provided to you as a package or as individual services. You can visit all the cultural places of Turkey and enjoy the holiday opportunities that can be made in 4 seasons thanks to the prices that are both easily affordable and you can buy the best quality service. You can contact us for more information and other details.

Breast Augmentation Results

Many women are satisfied with the result of breast augmentation, but sometimes there is something to be desired. Your breasts were not completely symmetrical before the operation and they will not be after the operation. This may have to do with volume differences in your breasts, but the difference in breast fold height also plays a role. You will get scars, which are usually hardly noticeable over time. You will be treated to the best of your ability with every procedure, such as breast augmentation, but no guarantees can be given for a good result. In very rare cases, a second operation after the primary breast augmentation is necessary to achieve an optimal result. This may entail additional costs, which are usually not reimbursed by insurance.