All On Six Implant

Are you missing several teeth and/or molars or do you already have a dental prosthesis and are you not satisfied with it? Chances are that you have lost your chewing ability and the appearance of the teeth is not ideal at that time either. This often has a negative effect on self-confidence. In that case, all on six is an excellent solution. With all on six, a fixed, porcelain bridge is attached to six implants in the jaw. 


With all on six you get beautiful, functional and aesthetically good teeth. All on 6 is indistinguishable from your own teeth and you will not notice any difference. All on six is a very high-quality solution of the very best quality that aesthetic dentistry has to offer.

What Does All On Six Implants Mean?

With all on six implant, six implants are placed in the lower and/or upper jaw onto which a fixed bridge (prosthesis) is screwed. Because the upper is fixed on implants, it sits very firmly in the mouth and cannot move. As a result, all on six approaches the familiar feeling of your own teeth.

With all on six implants you are assured of beautiful teeth that will last for years. An alternative to all on six is ‘all on four’, a similar method in which the bridge is placed on four instead of six implants. Which method is the best choice for you depends on your current situation, your wishes and the budget.

Who are All On 6 Dental Implants for?

Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for everyone. It is very important that the gums and jawbone are in good condition and health.

That is why an inventory is always made during an intake interview of the current state of the gums and jawbone. We use this to assess whether all on six implant is suitable for you.

All on six implant is an excellent choice for people who are missing many teeth and/or molars or who have to have many teeth extracted for various reasons. With all on six, the prosthesis is very fixed in the mouth and hardly any plastic is used. As a result, all on six implant can hardly be distinguished from real teeth and you will hardly feel any difference. A very big advantage is that this is an excellent solution for the long term.

Because the all on six prosthesis is fixed on implants, it is held very firmly in place and it is hardly possible to move the prosthesis.

All On Six Implants Dentist in Turkey

In Turkey, the subject of all on six implants dentistry has a wide range. In particular, Turkey’s successful graphics in health tourism in recent years continued to develop health tourism pioneers such as Estenuvo. Do not forget to visit Estenuvo for treatment with the best all on six implants dentist in Turkey options.

All On 4 vs All On 6 Dental Implants

All on 6 and All on 4 are both dental implant treatment options that involve using a series of dental implants to support a fixed bridge or denture. The main difference between the two is the number of implants used.

All on 6 refers to a treatment in which six dental implants are placed in the jaw to support a fixed bridge or denture. This treatment is typically used in cases where there is sufficient bone density in the jaw to support the implants.

All on 4, on the other hand, involves the placement of four dental implants in the jaw to support a fixed bridge or denture. This treatment is typically used in cases where there is limited bone density in the jaw, or where the patient has experienced bone loss due to gum disease or other factors. The four implants are placed at specific angles in the jaw in order to maximize stability and support.

Both All on 6 and All on 4 treatments are designed to provide a strong and stable foundation for dental restorations, and can be used to replace missing teeth or stabilize loose or ill-fitting dentures. The choice between the two will depend on the individual patient’s specific needs and the condition of their jawbone.

Benefits of All On 6 Implants

All on six offers major advantages in several areas compared to a regular denture:

  • In contrast to regular dentures, all on 6 does not use a palate plate. This feels much more pleasant in the mouth.
  • The chance that the prosthesis becomes loose or starts to slide is negligible with all on six.
  • Your teeth and molars will feel like your own teeth and can hardly be distinguished from your original teeth.
  • With all on six you can eat anything, without having to worry that your denture will shift or be damaged.
  • The jaw bone does not shrink with all on six and continues to provide excellent support for the prosthesis.
  • In the long term, all on six is often cheaper compared to temporary solutions.

All On 6 Dental Implants Cost in Turkey

All on 6 dental implants cost in Turkey can differ from clinic to clinic. However, you can find the best solution in Estenuvo!

Every client needs their own treatment plan, because the state of the teeth differs per person. In addition, the implants cannot be placed in the same place for everyone.

This makes it difficult to give a fixed price for placing all on six implant. Visit or contact us without obligation for a specific quotation and a tailor-made treatment plan.

Are you going for a beautiful smile and one of the best long-term solutions? Contact us without obligation and let us advise you about the possibilities of all on six timplant!

All On Six Dental Implant Procedure

If there are still existing teeth and molars, they must first be extracted. Prior to treatment, several impressions and digital scans of the mouth are made.

It uses the latest technology and computer models for this. As a result, it’s worked with extreme precision and the implants are placed exactly in the right place.

Once the implants are in place, further scans are made to make sure everything went well. After inserting the implants, they first have to heal for 6 to 12 weeks. In the meantime, a temporary acrylic bridge will be placed. This way you will not experience any inconvenience during the entire treatment process with eating, drinking and in general in daily life. Once the implants have healed and are well attached to the jawbone, the final all-on-six construction can be placed and secured. After this, the dental implantologist will make the last minor adjustments to ensure that everything fits perfectly and is to your satisfaction. We are not done until you leave completely satisfied and confident

Before a treatment is decided, our specialists provide extensive advice about the entire treatment process, different methods and, among other things, the costs of the treatment. We think it is very important that you are well informed in advance so that everything is clear. During the entire treatment process you will be helped by the same professionals and everyone knows your story and wishes.

If you decide to have an all-on-six prosthesis, your wishes come first. You choose which color and shape of teeth suits you best. Of course we are happy to advise you.

In the long term, all on six is often cheaper compared to temporary solutions.

How are All On Six Dental Implant Reviews?

At Estenuvo, as with every aesthetic operation, there is extremely good customer feedback on all on six dental implants. You can thoroughly explore Estenuvo’s website or contact customer service for more information and to get an idea of the different opinions of customers.



With proper care and maintenance, All on 6 dental implants can last for many years, potentially even a lifetime.


If you want to look for a long term solution, it’s recommended to have all on 6 dental implant.

The length of an All on 6 dental implant surgery will depend on a number of factors, including the complexity of the case, the experience of the dental implant specialist, and the patient's specific needs and goals. In general, an All on 6 dental implant surgery can take several hours to complete, although the actual surgery time may be shorter or longer depending on the individual patient's case.