Breast Aesthetics

Breast aesthetics has emerged as a very comprehensive and widespread operation class in recent years. The main reason why it is described as “operation class” is that it has many sub-titles and the techniques that can be used for different purposes are called breast aesthetics.

What is Aesthetic Breast Surgery?

Although only one type of surgery comes to mind when breast aesthetics is mentioned, there are actually many different types of breast aesthetic operations. Aesthetic breast surgery is getting more common in Turkey with the help of medical tourism. Although the main purpose of all of them is to idealize the breasts and make them more aesthetically attractive, functionally and technically different procedures are applied.

Candidates who want to have breast aesthetics do not have to undergo the operation process by directly choosing the technique. This situation can also be shaped in line with the doctor’s examination and the request of the patient candidate.

Basically, breast plastic surgery; It can be defined as a series of operations applied to remove the asymmetry in the breasts and to make the breasts more erect, tight and attractive.

Breast Aesthetics in Turkey

There has been a great deal of interest in breast aesthetic operations in Turkey, especially in the last 10 years. Breast aesthetic in Turkey is a more convenient process than the patients expect. As the confidence in plastic surgery and the percentage of success achieved at the end of the operations increase, more and more people are starting to demand similar aesthetic operations. Turkey is at the top of this field in many respects. Turkey dominates the sector in the field of aesthetic surgery (breast aesthetics, rhinoplasty and hair transplantation) related to health tourism, especially due to the international success of Turkish doctors in this field, Turkey’s economic infrastructure suitable for international health tourism, and its cultural/historical location. is doing.

All breast aesthetic operations can be performed in Turkey with great care and the latest techniques.

Best Aesthetic Center for Breast and Cosmetic Surgery

Aesthetic center for breast and cosmetic surgery is one of the most important factors for patients. Estenuvo, which has treated patients in many cities of Turkey and in many different countries of the world for many years, and has accomplished excellent works in aesthetic operations with its professional team of doctors and personnel, is shown as one of the leading aesthetic centers of Turkey in terms of breast aesthetics. It reveals the best sides of Turkey and Estenuvo by supporting you not only in treatment processes, but also in all processes related to health and treatment. You can contact us to get opinions from specialist doctors about breast aesthetics, to have information about pricing and more.

How to Build Chest?

Breast aesthetics meaning is not related to this issue. Building a chest is directly about healthy life. So ,how to build an aesthetic chest does not include any process about breast aesthetics. It consists of a muscle group that requires serious effort and discipline in terms of breast development. In addition to a healthy diet and diet, you should make regular sports activities an indispensable part of your life.

What is Done in Breast Aesthetics?

What is aesthetic breast surgery is the key question for understanding the general concept of the process. There are more than one sub-operation in breast aesthetics. Although the basic purpose is always the same, the methods applied and the routes may vary. Breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, gynecomastia, breast asymmetry correction operations can be shown as basic examples of these.

Breast Augmentation

Sometimes in congenital problems, sometimes in later developing situations such as the post-pregnancy period, breast reduction or shape problems may be encountered. In some cases, this deformation is very small, while in some cases, some attempts may be required to make the person feel good.

If the patient’s complaint is sagging besides the smallness of the breast, using implants alone will not be enough to solve this problem. It would be more accurate to plan breast lift surgery together with the implant.

Two different methods are used in breast augmentation surgeries. While fat injection into the breast is an option, the most popular method is still breast augmentation surgery using breast implants. The technology, filling, softness, durability and shape of the silicones used today provide natural results in breast augmentation surgeries using implants.
The first thing to be said is that the breast itself will not be cut during this surgery.

Breast Lifting

Breast lift surgery is a procedure that is generally applied to make sagging breasts more upright and firm for different reasons. This condition can sometimes develop due to aging, sometimes to the post-pregnancy period, and sometimes to different diseases.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery or breast surgery for reduction is generally more related to health issues than other processes. It is aimed to make the patients more healthier according to pain due to big breasts etc.

Breast reduction surgery is generally suitable for patients who have orthopedic problems, face serious problems in social life, or have sagging breasts for various reasons. While there are some key factors that affect whether you are a good candidate, it would be best to consult your doctor. It is possible to return to work or social life after a few days of rest after breast reduction surgery, which will make you feel more comfortable in your social life, save you from neck and back pain, and make you look thinner and younger.


Gynecomastia surgery is a condition that can be seen in all age groups and has the potential to reduce the quality of life of men. Its treatment is possible with gynecomastia surgery. After your doctor sets the necessary examination and roadmap, it will be understood whether you are suitable for a gynecomastia operation. Not every patient can be treated with surgery, some of their complaints go away on their own, and some can be resolved with medication.

Breast Asymmetry Correction

Breast asymmetry causes patients to refer to surgeons. Most patients are women and older adolescents, and they often complain of hypoplastic small breasts. However, the pathology is in the large breast. Lipomas of the breast are small benign tumors containing encapsulated adipose tissue and are treated with simple excisions. The fact that the breast normally contains adipose tissue creates difficulty in diagnosis.

Breast asymmetry correction operation can be applied not only for eye appeal but also for health, as in other aesthetic operations.