Patient Guide

 Process Before Hair Transplantation

Pre-Operation Considerations

Health problems

If you have a doctor who is controlling you because of your health problems, please get confirmation about the operation.


After receiving your doctor’s approval, stop taking aspirin and other similar blood thinners 3 days prior to hair transplantation.

One Day Before Operation

Please do not to consume alcohol, cigarettes or drugs one day before the operation. Alcohol and drugs should interfere with the medications used during the operation (local anesthetic) and you should stop using them at least one day prior to the operation.

Smoking reduces blood flow, may cause narrowing of your veins and and therefore it may block the growth of the hair. For this reason, please do not smoke 1 day before the operation, and for 1 week after the operation.

What Should You Wear in Operation?

The transplanted area should not be touched after the operation. For this reason, we recommend you to choose the clothes that you can comfortably wear and it can button up from the front. The operation takes about 6 to 8 hours.

Pre-operation Preparation

What to do before you come to the operation;

– Take a shower.

– Come with full stomach.

– Come as well slept and rested.



During Hair Transplantation Operation

Hospital attendant during the operation is not accepted. Your hospital attendants are welcomed in our waiting room. It is forbidden to chew gum and use the telephone during the operation.


Process after Hair Transplantation


Instructions After Hair Transplantation Operation

First Night Right After Operation

Bandages will be applied to your donor area when you leave the hospital after the operation. You will also wear a forehead band to prevent swelling after the operation.

There may be small scabs and slight redness in the donor area and in the transplantation area. These tiny scabs and mild rednesses will disappear within 15 days.

You may experience swelling, itching and mild pain after the operation. These symptoms can be corrected by ice treatments, softening lotions and medicines that your doctor will recommend.

1st Day

The day after the operation, the bandage applied to the donor area will be removed and your dressing will be done.

3rd Day

You can start washing your hair as described with the special lotion and shampoo given to you. The purpose of your hair washing instruction is to help the scalp to heal and remove the scab.

5th-7th Day

One week after the operation, the hair is stronger and it will not move with the contact. You should avoid damaging, nailing or scratching the transplantation area. It is normal for you to feel itching during this period of healing.

15th-30th Day

2 to 3 weeks between the planted hair will not be the difference between your hair will be no one will not understand the transplantation.

Between 1-3 Months

The shedding of hair in the transplantation area is known between 1 and 3 months, known as shock loss. Your hair will grow again immediately after the loss. This process is also called shock loss.


Between 4-5 Months

At the 4th month, your hair growth is accelerated and half of the hair transplantation around the 6th month can be observed.

Between 6-12 Months

Between 6 and 12 months, your hair will continue to grow and your hair strands become stronger and thicker.

Between 12-18 Months

12 to 18 months between the hair removal process will be completed. At the end of this period you will see all the hair planted.

During this period, you will have more intense, long and powerful looking hair.


Hair Washing Instructions

3 days after hair transplantation, you can start washing your hair as described.

You should wash your hair in accordance with the instructions once a day for 15 days. Lotion and shampoo will be given to you by our hospital.

You can have your first wash in our hospital. Then you can learn how to wash your hair.

When you complete all your washings according to the instructions, the scalp will go away. The look of your hair will completely return to its normal state.



Applying Lotion

Lotion moisturizes your skin and softens the skins that are formed in your scalp. The lotion also helps to regenerate skin cells.

First week

Donor Region (Region of Hair Follicles):

First week lotion apply only to your donor area.

Apply the lotion to your entire donor area (Region of Hair Follicles) and wait for 1 hour.

Second week

Donor Region and Transplantation Area:

In the second week apply lotion to both your donor area and your transplanted area.

10 drops of lotion gently applied to all regions and waited for 1 hour.

Apply the lotion in the same direction as the direction of the hair, paying attention to the direction of the hair, so as not to damage the roots transplanted in the transplantation area.

You can use more lotions for your donor area.



Applying Shampoo

Applying shampoo provides shedding of scabs. It also helps to accelerate the healing process. After waiting for 1 hour, you can go to the washing phase.

Take the shampoo from both hands and foam. Apply a foam shampoo to the donor area and the area where it is smeared with your fingertips.

Wait 2 minutes before rinsing the shampoo foam.



Rinse the warm water slowly as shown to you. Take care not to use pressurized water. It is very important to rinse the applied shampoo completely.



Do not use towels for 2 weeks in order to avoid damage to the transplantation area. Use only warm air to dry your hair and keep it dry.


Hair Transplantation Service

  1. Online Consultation

Please send us your photos on the head, front, top and back of your head to do our first evaluation. Once you have received your photos, you will be informed by our sales representatives about the operation plan that suits you.

  1. Create an Appointment

When you decide to have hair transplantation in our hospital, you can call us and create an appointment for the operation.



  1. Transfer and Accommodation

Our free service offered patients who are coming outside of Turkey;

  • Airport, hotel and hospital transfers
  • 3 days 2 nights hotel accommodation

services are offered.

  1. First Day: Consultation and Blood Test

Consultation and blood tests are performed on the first day.

  1. Second Day: Hair Transplantation Operation and PRP

The second day hair transplantation is performed. PRP treatment is also applied during the operation. The operation takes approximately 6 to 8 hours.

After the operation, the drugs will be recommended by the doctor and how they should be used.

  1. Third Day: Dressing

The day after the operation, the patient is in hospital for dressing.

Bandages are removed and dressings are applied.

After the dressing process, the instructions that the patient should follow after the operation and the hair washing procedure are explained.